Any vehicle can be a Hybrid

Any Hybrid can be a Plug-in Hybrid

Any Plug-in Hybrid can be a Wireless Power vehicle





Toyota Prius 2010 - 2013 Liftback Upgrades

Available now, as low as $3,750 after CO Rebate

Get the 100+MPG fuel economy of the Chevy Volt for 1/3rd of the price.

Supplement your Toyota Hybrid battery with a 4X - 10X bigger battery to enjoy the benefits of driving an electric vehicle with extended range capability.

Your investment lasts longer with improved performance, increased fuel economy & reduced emissions.

4kWh: $9,750 or $199/mo*, 10kWh: $12,750 or $250/mo*

*Loan example: 6.59% APR, 60 mo. See all vehicle models

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Upgrade Plan

Product Description

The larger battery, charger, BMS (Battery Management System) and electronics fit under the carpet, above the spare tire.

In "Electric Vehicle" Mode, the electric motor is limited, but it is possible to drive at freeway speeds, up to 70 mph, or at lower speeds for up to 30 miles (10kWh system) or up to 11 miles (4 kWh system). The gas engine will turn on automatically if extra power is required, or upon reaching 70mph, or under certain conditions, as determined by the OEM computer.

In "Plug-In Hybrid" Mode, the electric motor is used more often and for longer duration to displace gas, to provide 100+MPG average, for up to 80 miles (10kWh system) or up to 30 miles (4kWh system). A bigger battery can outperform the original and driving an upgraded Prius feels supercharged.

In "Hybrid Mode", the vehicle operates like a standard Prius, but with a much larger storage capacity for capturing regenerative braking.


  • 2-year Warranty Parts and Labor, all parts except battery cells - 1 year. (Same as Toyota Hybrid battery replacement 1 Year Warranty.)
  • Battery Voltage: 240v
  • Battery Chemistry: Lithium Ion
  • Final product specifications TBD
  • Available for Toyota Prius 2010 - 2013 vehicles
  • Looking for the Toyota Prius 2004 - 2009, Liftback?


  • Professional Installation
  • Rear Suspension Upgrade
  • 4kWh or 10kWh Li-Ion Battery
  • BMS (Battery Management System)
  • Control System
  • 120V Charger 2kWh
  • Weatherproof plug receptacle
  • Android tablet compatible